About Us

New Bethlehem Community Center, Inc. is a National Missions Institution of the United Methodist Women and the first Bethlehem Center established in the United States.

Our Mission

​"To be an extension of God's ministry and to improve the quality of life".

Our Goal

​To make a difference in the lives of persons of all ages.

Board of Directors

​Mr. John Brown, President

Mr. John Donnelly, Vice President

Ms. Ruthie Garcia, Secretary

Mr. Joseph Guillory, Treasurer

Ms. Emma Roberson,  Parliamentarian

Margaret Guidry

Amy Dalton

Rev. Sarah Cooper

Lorene Walker

Helena Thompson

Jennifer Cheely, President UMW Augusta District

​Greg Porterfield, UM District Sup.

Judge Amanda Heath, Ex-Officio

​Sheridan Glaze

Executive Director​


(Grant # 1H79SP080227-01)

Sheridan Glaze, Project Director/PI

Dr. Chuck Eaddy, Project Evaluator 

Chester Jennings, Program Coordinator   

 Jessie Jackson, Jr., Outreach/Navigator   

Training/Technical Support -  On Call

Advertising & Marketing - Staff

Community Partnerships